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Sustainable Flatbush Live – Weekend Updates

Sustainable Flatbush Weekend Updates Sunday, September 16 • 11am – 5pm  We are at the 36th Annual Flatbush Frolic

I Love Brookln!

Yesterday’s Newkirk Avenue Block Party was a great success. More photos and story coming up… but I just couldn’t wait to post this one!

Newkirk Avenue Block Party!

Some months ago Sustainable Flatbush was approached by New York City Streets Renaissance to sponsor a Livable Streets Block Party here in the neighborhood (this request was likely inspired by our success with last year’s Park(ing) Day event). Two weeks from tomorrow, Saturday June 21st, the party is on! We will have live music and DJs all day long, courtesy of Make Music New York, plus traditional NYC Street games, and environmental activities and info. Our fantastic local co-sponsor is Flatbush Development Corporation.

Newkirk Avenue Block Party
Flier design by Keka

Here’s the concept:

Block Party NYC is a new program by the New York City Streets Renaissance which is helping neighborhoods around NYC come together and enjoy their street for a day, free from the usual hazards and distractions of automobiles. This summer alone, we’re providing mini-grants to over 30 block parties throughout the 5 boroughs. Each of these parties also gets the services of a professional urban planner for a day, who will help find community solutions to community problems like traffic, speeding, and noise and air pollution. They will also talk to residents about what they like and dislike about their street, what they want to preserve, and what needs to change.

Yes, we will discuss all of these serious issues with our neighbors, but we will also hang out and have a great time! Here are all the details:

Newkirk Avenue Block Party, a Livable Streets celebration co-sponsored by Flatbush Development Corporation, New York City Streets Renaissance, and Make Music New York, with participation of Solar One, Brooklyn Compost Project, Council on the Environment of NYC, Transportation Alternatives, Alive Structures, Midwood Martial Arts, and Newkirk Area merchants. Join us for:

Live Music and DJ’s all day!
Traditional NYC Street Games:
Handball, Skully, Hopscotch, Double Dutch, Jacks, and more!
Food Vendors!
Environmental Info and Activities:
Solar Power, Composting, Green Roof/Garden Design, Cell Phone Recycling, etc.,
plus Recycling Games and Art Projects just for kids!

Saturday, June 21st, 11am – 6pm, Rain or Shine!
WHERE: Newkirk Avenue between East 16th and East 17th Streets

See you there!

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Recife, Brazil: Bicycle Sound System

P1010102, originally uploaded by Sustainable Flatbush. Cargo bikes are very big here, carrying everything from huge bottles of water to sounds for the party!

Foreign Correspondent

Okay, so I’ve been a rather bad blogger for a week or two, but I have a really good excuse: I’m in Recife, Brazil for Carnaval!

Carnaval in Recife

Needless to say it’s crazy here (in a good way), but I have a few photos to post that are relevant to the sustainability discusssion… here they come!

Flatbush Arts!

Marlborough and Newkirk, artist’s storefront Okay, you know you’re a Bad Blogger when other blogs write about your projects before YOU do. A few weeks ago I set up an online group called Flatbush Arts, and promptly notified a few local blogs. Brooklyn Junction jumped […]

Park(ing) Day coverage

Park(ing) Day 2007 in New York was a big success, with more than 20 temporary park installations throughout the city! Streetfilms has a great piece that shows most of the locations; if I hadn’t been hanging out in the grass at Cortelyou Rd. Park my […]

Cortelyou Rd. Park!

Yesterday was Park(ing) Day, and Sustainable Flatbush celebrated by creating Cortelyou Road Park!


This neighborhood is full of greenery — majestic old-growth trees and beautiful landscaping — but it’s all private property. We are seriously lacking in community gardens, all-age recreational facilities, and public parks closer than the Parade Ground and Prospect Park (more than a mile away for many of us). The Tot Lot on Argyle Road is popular with kids and parents (as one parent mentioned to me yesterday, it’s so full that “the kids are on top of each other”), but there are very few options for older kids or unaccompanied grown-ups. So Park(ing) Day — an international event, co-sponsored in NYC by Transportation Alternatives, The Open Planning Project, and the Trust for Public Land — seemed the perfect opportunity to create a public park for everyone.

We built it, and they came: a public space with real grass, trees, art supplies, games, wi-fi, and live music!




photos by Keka

More photos (and video) to come!

Cacau Arcoverde Brings Brazil to Flatbush!

Event #3 also provided a special treat for the late-nighters who stayed to hear Cacau Arcoverde and Ileana Santamaria perform music and dance from Pernambuco, Brazil! We even had a roda de capoeira going for a minute (thanks to Samir). DJ Drummerman (Jeff Duneman) and […]