Volunteer activities for Greening Flatbush 2012

Sunday March 25 at the Flatbush Reformed Church

Set-up Crew:
Help set the “stage” for showtime at Greening Flatbush –  organize tables, chairs, hang signage, postings, and other ad hoc duties before the participants arrive.




Registration Table reps:
Welcome participants and sign them in at the registration table. Collect donations for Greening Flatbush and the Community Meal and keep a record of all participants. 

Merchant Table reps:

There’ll be more than T-Shirts at the this event! Sell merchandise and track inventory items for each participating vendor. Here you get to see all the really cool grabs for sale!


Food Prep: Love to cook? Want to learn how to prepare delicious food? Help with food preparation for the Community Meal working alongside great local chefs.

Food Service: Stationed by the food area, you will help serve food as people approach – one plate at a time.


Photo by Naixn via Flickr

Photographer: Focus. . . yes, you with the sharp eyes, angles and curiosity that could put a cat to shame. Bring your lenses and help us create great memories at the event. There’ll be lots going on, but you won’t miss a beat. Credit will be given for photography on our site.

Videographer: They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but we bet you can tell the story in glorious motion. If you’ve got the gift of capturing life’s moving moments, bring your gadgets and join the crew. We’d like to create a short reel after the event and would love to share your talent on our website and social media.


Event Reporter: We’ll have pictures, we’ll have videos, but we also have stories that need to be told. Are you social butterfly that likes meeting new people? Mingle with our guests, find out if they’re having a good time, what they think of the event, what are they learning, and would they come again. This job is not for the faint of heart. Required: A big smile, and a bright personality!

Recycle/Compost/Trash: Our event is responsible. That means when it comes to managing waste, we want to make sure the right stuff goes where it needs to go – like food scraps from the kitchen into our compost bins. No experience necessary. You’ll be trained and in no time on your way to being a super waste management hero – saving the planet one “trash” at time!



Break-down Crew: The party’s over, but not entirely. We’ll need to put things back in place and pack up for the day. Help us break down the tables and chairs, clear the stage, pack up signage, do general clean up and other duties. We’ll leave the place sparkling clean the way we found it.




Sign up below and let us know how you’d like to help!



Sustainable Flatbush Team

2 thoughts on “Volunteer activities for Greening Flatbush 2012”

  • Hi, Is it possible for a high school student to become involved in this and get community service credit for school? Thanks!

  • Hi Gretchen.
    Thanks for your inquiry! Yes, we are always happy to work with students and provide community service credit. I will email you to put this in motion.

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