Herbal Workshop series finishes on August 28!

Join us for the final in our summer Herbal Workshop Series!

From the moment we enter this world we are greeted by the beauty of its light, and its harshness. Our skin and our spirit are bombarded by love and possibility, just as they are faced with injustice and violence.

In this workshop we will explore ways to soften the sharp edge of traumas we have experienced, and those that we live through our families and communities. We will begin to discuss how herbs can help us to manage the way our bodies respond to trauma both past and present. We will explore herbs, herbal preparations, and herbal meditations that can help to calm our minds, stop a racing heart, and bring ourselves back into our bodies, as well as those that can nourish our body/mind/spirit to help strengthen our resilience.

Making herbal tinctures

Bring an empty baby food jar so you can take some medicine home with you!

Please RSVP to sheryll@sustainableflatbush.org.s107207.gridserver.com, so that we have enough materials for everyone.

Our Herbal Workshop Series is brought to you in partnership with Sacred Vibes Apothecary, a Brooklyn-based community herbal apothecary owned by Master Herbalist, Karen Rose. Sacred Vibes guides and supports people in creating a lifestyle that reconnects them to their unique and authentic divine self. Their mission is to enlighten all to live transcendent lives through natural healing, beauty, and education. All workshops in this series will be facilitated by the apprentices of Sacred Vibes Apothecary.

See you in the garden!!!

WHAT:  Herbs for Trauma
WHEN:  Wednesday, August 28, 6:30-8pm
WHERE:  Sustainable Flatbush Healing Herb Garden
2103 Kenmore Terrace, on the property of the Flatbush Reformed Church [map]

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