Public Meeting to discuss Ocean/Parkside improvements

Our neighbors to the north at Hawthorne Street blog in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens (part of Flatbush? You decide…) have been discussing the horrifically dangerous entrance to Prospect Park at Ocean and Parkside Avenues for some months now, and have formed a local Livable Streets group called PLG Public Works to address this and other traffic-related issues. Today they provide details on an upcoming public meeting to discuss potential re-design ideas for the dreaded intersection:

Some help may be on the way for the Ocean & Parkside intersection at Prospect Park: park reps have informed us that the entrance will be redesigned as part of a massive Park development project due to begin next year.

Of course, how it will be redesigned remains to be seen. We’d urge anyone and everyone concerned about the Park entrance to attend the upcoming public meeting: Monday, May 19, 6:30 p.m. at Wollman Rink.

The current situation is a nightmare for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike, and Transportation Alternatives has lobbied for improvements here in the past. But new opportunity for change exists due to an upcoming project called Lakeside Center, which will be replacing Wollman Rink. While the green design principles described on their website sound nice and all (LEED Gold buildings, rainwater retention basin to irrigate landscaping, passive ventilation, recycled and local materials, native trees and shrubs), for starters I’d be happy just to be able to get across the street and into the Park without risking my life! Once again, the public meeting is on May 19th at 6:30, Wollman Rink.

future Lakeside Center in Prospect Park

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