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Our friends at Green Map System are involved in a fundraising challenge:

America’s Giving Challenge will award $50,000 prizes to the eight non-profits that receive the greatest number of unique $10 donations this month. Each donation must come from a different person and a different credit card to count. Anyone in the world can contribute, and all donations must be made at Green Map’s specific Challenge webpage. It’s tax-deductible, too! All donations of $10 (by 3PM, EST on January 31) or more will be used toward the great Green Maps, mapmaking resources, multi-lingual websites, tours and events that Green Map System creates to engage communities worldwide to chart a sustainable future.

Support locally-led Green Mapmaking projects that connect, engage and empower communities across the US and worldwide as they promote green living, nature, social and cultural resources and eco-education for all. Think Global, Map Local!

Over 300 GreenMaps have been published to date, promoting sustainable communities by connecting both residents and tourists to environmental resources all over the world (including Energy, Composting and Youth-oriented editions of New York City’s Green Apple Map series). Green Map Project is currently active in 400 cities, villages and neighborhoods in 50 countries! If you have ten bucks to spare, these are good people to support.

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