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Petition in support of Repowering America

“America must commit to producing 100% of our electricity from cheap, clean renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, within 10 years.” If you are onboard with Al Gore’s challenge, let Obama, McCain, and your elected officials know by signing the MoveOn petition here. Let’s […]

Repowering America, Locally

Our Sustainable Flatbush Neighborhood Solar Forum on Wednesday was a great success. This was the first of what I plan to be a series of forums on energy-related topics, and the timing is clearly right: the very next day Al Gore made his speech urging […]

NY Governor (the New One!) on Global Warming

This speech by then-Lieutenant Governor David Paterson is from last year’s Step It Up rally. Love how he refers to global warming deniers as “fossils”!!

Flatbush/Midwood Residents: Your Feedback Wanted

Do you live in Flatbush or Midwood? Let your voice be heard on global warming! CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s New York City News Service has asked us to find out how you feel about global warming. In addition to being posted on their web-based […]

2007: Second Warmest Year on Record

In case anyone had any doubts, I present this news from the Earth Policy Institute: 2007 SECOND WARMEST YEAR ON RECORD Northern Hemisphere Temperature Highest Ever Frances C. Moore With the record for 2007 now complete, it is clear that temperatures around the world are […]