Sustainability Bike Tour

Okay, I can actually say it: by popular demand, the “How-I-Spent-My-Summer-Vacation” thread must go on! A lovely woman named Lisa sent me an email asking about the Oregon bike trip I went on in August, referenced in an earlier post. Thus, I will attempt to […]

The Great Change: The World Beyond Petroleum

The Great Change: The World Beyond Petroleum An evening with Albert Bates Where: Friends Meeting House 15 Rutherford Place, Manhattan (15th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) Sponsors: Sierra Club NYC Group Beyond Oil NYC Neighborhood Energy Network Tri-State Food Not Lawns Friends in Unity […]

Wangari Maathai… WOW!

Last night I attended a lecture at the Museum of Natural History by 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement, Wangari Maathai. What an inspiration! For those not familiar with her organization, The Green Belt Movement provides income and sustenance […]

Portland photo album

More photos from Portland here: • Views from bridges and mountains • Bicycle-loving graffiti and architecture • Stormwater management strategies • Gorgeous produce at the Farmers’ Market • Did I mention the bikes? Have a look! Next up, a report and photos from the Sustainable […]

NY Times: In Praise of Tap Water

Suddenly everyone is talking about NYC tap water: the high quality and low cost relative to bottled water (49 cents versus $1,400, according to the NY Times editorial quoted below), the health benefits relative to other beverages, the environmental benefits… and now the need for […]

A Challenge from Guest Blogger Carolyn Gilles

Carolyn Gilles is a co-founder of the GreenEdge Collaborative, an event planner, and an organic chef. In this post she challenges herself and all of us to take some steps toward making our own lives more sustainable: Be Mindfully Competitive with Yourself! As some of […]

Q&A with “The Garbage Expert”

NY Times’ City Room blog continues its Q&A series with experts on various urban planning issues (the first was with recently-appointed Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan). For the garbage/recycling geeks among us (I include myself here), this is a very interesting read. And if we are […]

Water Conservation forum this Wednesday

I attended this seminar two years ago, and it completely changed my thinking about water use. Hint: if you think you know how much water a leaky toilet wastes, think again! Water Conservation: Quench Your Thirst for Information What better way to jumpstart a sustainable […]

Message In A (Water) Bottle

This article in Fast Company magazine, “Message In A Bottle” by Charles Fishman, brings the bottled water discussion to another level. While I highly recommend reading the entire article, here are a few selected bits: • Bottled water is the food phenomenon of our times. […]

Thanks to All Who Attended Event #3!

We had a full house for Friday’s lecture by Wilton Duckworth and Joan Ewing of Green Phoenix Permaculture. Wilton provided some fascinating historical perspective on New York City’s infrastructure; I was particularly intrigued to learn of our transition from a city that was once able […]