Peak Oil

Barrel of Oil vs. Bubble Gun

More wisdom from my favorite Soho street vendor: Yes folks, the bubble is about to burst! Barrel of Oil = $142 Bubble Gun = $5 On a hot summer day, which sounds like more fun?? Check out last winter’s version, with oil at $90/barrel…

NY Times Quotes of the Day

Obama Assails Remarks by McCain on Offshore Oil Drilling Obama laid into McCain over his proposals to ease energy prices through offshore oil drilling, specifically his statement that it would provide “psychological benefit” — since the oil industry is already leasing land that it for […]

Look What I Found in the NY Times!

Sustainable Transportation tidbits from this weekend: Gas prices knock bicycle sales, repairs into higher gear Four-dollar-a-gallon gas is good for business — if you run a bike shop. Commuters around the country are dusting off their old two-wheelers — or buying new ones — to […]

Gas Prices and God

I’ve recently learned from Streetsblog that a church choir director from the suburbs of Washington DC is leading groups around the nation in prayers for lower gas prices. “God, deliver us from these high gas prices,” Twyman said. “That’s all they have to say.” THAT […]

Sierra Club NYC’s new Energy Report

Sustainable Flatbush has just endorsed a new report on NYC energy policy and climate change response from Sierra Club NYC Group. The report praises PlaNYC while declaring that we need to go much further in order to address the increasing pace of climate change along […]

Oil vs. Pashmina

Oil vs. Pashmina, originally uploaded by Sustainable Flatbush. One Soho scarf vendor’s take on Peak Oil.