Energy Efficiency

Solar net-metering in Brooklyn!

I just learned about this 40 KW solar installation at 925 Bergen Street (aka the Monti Building)

Earth Hour, tomorrow night, Saturday March 28th 2009!

Tomorrow night, Saturday March 28th from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, is Earth Hour. Participants in this international demonstration will turn off their lights for one hour as an environmental statement.

I Wanna Be a Solar Empowerment Zone!

Last week I attended a special hearing of the New York City Council’s Infrastructure Task Force, on the topic of Distributed Energy Generation in NYC – essentially, how to encourage it.

New York State Environmental Politics

For those of you who are interested in following New York State environmental politics, a great online resource is Environmental Advocates of New York. I also receive their email alerts, and was pleased to learn that my State Senator, Kevin Parker, supported all four Environmental […]

Good News: Home Depot will offer CFL Recycling

Thanks to a reader for sending in this very good news: Home Depot announced on Tuesday that they will start accepting CFL bulbs for recycling. Any instance of producers and retailers taking responsibility for the end-of-life disposal of the products they make and sell can […]

Let ‘Em Know!

Lots going on (or trying to!) in Albany and beyond on environmental issues. Here are just a few links to support important legislation being considered: Solar Energy This week the State legislature approved new tax incentives to encourage the installation of more solar electric (photovoltaic) […]

Recycle Your CFLs at Brooklyn Green Drinks!

I’ve received a number of inquiries lately from folks wondering where to recycle CFL bulbs locally (the bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, and shouldn’t be thrown out with the trash). This Wednesday the answer is at Brooklyn Green Drinks, hosted by Center for […]

Sierra Club NYC’s new Energy Report

Sustainable Flatbush has just endorsed a new report on NYC energy policy and climate change response from Sierra Club NYC Group. The report praises PlaNYC while declaring that we need to go much further in order to address the increasing pace of climate change along […]

Oil vs. Pashmina

Oil vs. Pashmina, originally uploaded by Sustainable Flatbush. One Soho scarf vendor’s take on Peak Oil.

Support GreenMap!

Our friends at Green Map System are involved in a fundraising challenge: America’s Giving Challenge will award $50,000 prizes to the eight non-profits that receive the greatest number of unique $10 donations this month. Each donation must come from a different person and a different […]