2015 Herbal Workshop series starts Saturday August 8!

2015 Herbal Workshop series starts Saturday August 8!

Our free Herbal Workshop Series is back!

In 2013, we began a collaboration with Sacred Vibes Apothecary, an herbal dispensary located in our neighborhood.

Sacred Vibes owner and Master Herbalist Karen Rose offers apprenticeship programs in plant medicine; Sustainable Flatbush Urban Farming Program Director Sheryll Durrant proposed a partnership where Karen’s apprentices would teach workshops in our Healing Herb Garden, offered free to the public. The workshops also provide an opportunity to get hands-on with the medicinal plants in our garden, and get tips from Sheryll on how to grow them.

This partnership has been a huge success, and we’re happy to continue it in 2015! Attendance has been amazing — people travel from all five boroughs and beyond to Flatbush, to learn how to improve their health with plant-based remedies.

Saturday, August 8th, kicks off our 2015 Herbal Workshop season. We’ve moved our Healing Herb Garden to the wonderful new spot Q Gardens, located near Church Avenue and East 18th Street (see map). As always, our herbal workshops are free and open to all.

There will be four workshops in this year’s series:

Saturday August 8 at 1pm

taught by Sacred Vibes apprentices Brigitte & Melissa

Pantry Potions for a Happy Healthy Mouth
This workshop will focus on oral/ dental care using common household herbs and spices. We will be making an herbal mouthwash together that you can take home, along with a tooth powder, and a handout with additional recipes.


two workshops on Sunday September 13, at 10:30am and 1pm

** Workshop 1 at 10:30am, taught by Sacred Vibes apprentices Anyanwu & Emerson

Strengthen Your Voice and Being with Plant Medicine

Release better, breathe better, feel better. This workshop is for anyone that wants to stand in their power and understand how the use of your voice can change your life. We will cover communication as it relates to the throat chakra and how the use of your voice impacts organ health and social/emotional well-being. Through learning about medicinal plants that support the respiratory system, digestion, and thyroid glands, we will explore the ways these plants can support us in speaking our truth.

Come and learn about the following herbs connected strengthening your ability to ‘EXPRESS YO’SELF!’:
Dandelion – digestive system and liver support
Mullein – lung and nervous system support
Lemon Balm – nervous system and thyroid function support
Tulsi – digestive system support

** Workshop 2 at 1pm, taught by Sacred Vibes apprentices Shamilia & Myrna

Stories and Plant Allies
 of the Caribbean

Join these proud Caribbeans, for a lively exploration of a rich legacy. We’ll share healing stories and create plant medicine in the flowering traditions of the Caribbean amidst music, refreshments and delicacies of the region.


Saturday October 10 at 1pm

taught by Sacred Vibes apprentice Natalie

Creating womb care rituals, herbs that support uterine health and methods of preparation.
Medicine: Tea Blend/Steam


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