What Can I Compost?

Now that you’re ready to start composting, here’s an initial list of things to get you started:

Please bring:

  • fruit and vegetable scraps
  • coffee grounds and tea bags
  • egg shells (with no egg residue)
  • bread and grains
  • fresh leaves, flowers, green plants and garden trimmings
  • shredded newspaper or brown paper
  • manure and bedding from horse, hamster, rabbits or guinea pig
  • food soiled paper towels / napkins

Please DO NOT bring:

  • meat or fish scraps
  • fats, grease or oil
  • cheese or dairy products
  • non-compostable materials such as Plastic, Metals or Glass
  • pesticide-treated plants, grass clippings, deceased or pest-infested plants
  • dog and cat waste



* You can save your food scraps in the refrigerator or freezer to bring to the garden; freezing will kill any food flies and bugs often found on the skin or shell of most fruits and vegetables, and the added moisture helps in the compost decomposition process.

* Carrying your food scraps in a reusable (and rinsable) container means no yucky plastic bag to get rid of at the garden!

* Please shred or chop materials into small pieces (no bigger than your pinkie finger). The smaller the materials, the easier and quicker they will decompose.

* If you are unable to chop your scraps beforehand, tools will be on-site to chop the materials before we put them in the compost bin.


Winter Compost open hours will be hosted at the Flatbush Reformed Church on the following dates:

Saturdays January 7th and 21st, and February 4th, from 11am until 1pm
Please check our calendar to confirm Saturday composting schedule.

* Please DO NOT leave compost around the bins or by the gate. Compost will only be accepted during open hours!

See you at the compost site!

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