Spring at Sustainable Flatbush!

My semester interning at Sustainable Flatbush (Spring 2011) was awesome.  Working with kids, getting to know more about urban farming, and being part of an organization that truly tries to create a stronger community through environmentalism has been inspiring. I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite pictures I have taken at different Sustainable Flatbush events so you can take a trip down memory lane with me!

These first three pictures are from my first event with Sustainable Flatbush.  Here we are introducing the kids in our gardening program at the Church Avenue Communal Garden to the site.  We had them draw pictures about what they would want to see in their ideal garden, and we all had a pretty good time envisioning the future garden and we also had some kids in the media department filming!  I picked these three pictures because apart from being appealing visually, they show the energy and spirit of the kids putting their time and effort into the garden.

















The next two pictures are my favorites from our first composting day at the Church Avenue garden.  That day we started building the compost bin and getting leaves together for compost.  The reason I chose the first picture is because I love love love when kids come to help.  They make everything more fun and these girls were no exception! I’m also likin’ the pose.  The reason I chose the second picture is because it’s one of my only pictures of Keka and Anne at work! They really work so hard to put all of these different projects together and this is a good picture of them in action!









The next three pictures are from a day at the garden where the kids decorated planters that were designed by fellow intern Lou Wright.  It was a lot of mess but a lot of fun and I especially liked this detailed football field painted bin.


















This picture is one of my favorites from National Grid Earth Day because this girl is pretty adorable and interested in our picture album.  It makes me hopeful when I see kids getting interested in sustainable practices at a young age.

This last picture is at the Plant Swap, where there were all kinds of plants to get and this guy got a pretty cool looking one!

These events show how easy it is to bring people together while making a difference environmentally, and making a difference in our future by getting kids involved.  I hope all of you can get involved at some point!

~Sarita Jaccard

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