Campus Road Garden Town Hall Meeting

You can’t miss it. At the corner of Campus Road and Avenue H rests a haven, a green paradise, a joy to behold — the Campus Road Community Garden. The garden has been growing at its current location since 1997!

Peaches or Parking Spots? (photo by Flatbush Gardener)

Brooklyn College has plans to reorient (but not expand) the student athletic track, thereby cutting into a parking lot that is positioned nearby. To make up for the spots that will be lost, the college plans to bulldoze the garden, replace it with approximately 24 parking spots, and leave the community gardeners with a paltry plot, to be laid out and regimented by Brooklyn College Facilities.

You can help! You can raise your voice and tell Brooklyn College how you want the new garden to be configured. You can share with the college the value of a community garden. Share your priorities and interests — let the college know what you think!
A Part of the Garden (photo by Flatbush Gardener)

Join the community, the students, and the faculty for a Town Hall Meeting. There will be two meetings: One in the afternoon (12:30), and one in the evening (6:30).

What: Town Hall Meeting about the Campus Road Community Garden

When: Thursday, 15 April 2010, 12:30 p.m. & 6:30 p.m.

Where: BC Student Center (formerly SUBO), corner of East 27 St and Campus Road., Glenwood Room

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