What National Grid Can Do For You

We are very excited to be quickly approaching our major event of the spring, the Neighborhood Energy Forum on March 20th. The goal of this event is to hook you up with information and resources to make your home more energy efficient. Leading up to the Forum we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts about different programs and people you can look into for more information.

Multi-Family Building in Flatbush (photo by Keka Marzagão)

This week we spoke with Louis Rizzo, Energy Efficiency Lead Program Manager at National Grid, about the utility’s residential energy efficiency programs. “National Grid has comprehensive programs and generous rebates to help the homeowner reduce their energy costs and increase comfort,” Mr. Rizzo said.

If you are interested in any of these programs, contact National Grid Energy Efficiency at 1-800-292-2032 or visit their website.

Multi-Family Buildings

There are two types of programs for larger buildings (5-50 units):

1) The first type is a straight rebate of $100-$6,000 (this amount could go up!) for certain energy upgrades in your home, such as heating equipment, insulation, boiler reset controls, and more.

The rebate will cover about 50% of the equipment cost and has a 3-7 year payback period depending on how much you do.

2) The second incentive is for customized, comprehensive energy efficiency measures for buildings with larger heating systems, and can include heating system upgrades, weatherization, and much more.  To qualify for this program, you have to promise to meet a certain level of energy savings.

In contrast to the straight rebate, the customized program could cover 50% of project costs–not just equipment–up to $100,000, with a payback period of 3-5 years.

You can choose your own contractor for both of these programs, but National Grid has a helpful list on their website.

1-4 Family Homes

For smaller homes (1-4 families), there is a straight rebate of $200-$1,000. This covers natural gas heating equipment upgrades to pre-qualified high-efficiency units, outdoor reset controls, water heaters, thermostats and more.

You could save 30% or more on total project costs.  Combine this with another 30% covered by a federal tax credit for energy efficiency measures (sometimes capped at  $1,500) and you’re well on your way to meeting your cost.

According to Mr. Rizzo, “Homeowners have been seeing quite a bit of benefit. Customers are seeing savings of 20% to 40% off their heating bills.” Also, National Grid will launch a weatherization program for single family homes this spring. The expected date for the program to start is April 1st. The program describes that “eligible customers receive a comprehensive home energy audit with installed air sealing measures and generous rebates for additional weatherization measures such as insulation.”

National Grid’s pre-qualified weatherization contractors

You can learn more about this program here. Think about all those savings! And not only that, Mr. Rizzo explained, “The process is very straightforward and easy to do.  There’s not a tremendous amount of paperwork.  We’ll work with you to make your building more energy efficient.”

Ready to get started? Great!

Visit https://www.powerofaction.com/efficiency or call 1-800-292-2032 to learn more about the National Grid Energy efficiency programs.

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