Flatbush Farm Share CSA!

We just heard from the organizers of a new CSA in the neighborhood – Flatbush Farm Share:

FLATBUSH FARMSHARE is a new Brooklyn-based CSA. CSAs are a way for people to get together and buy vegetables directly from a local farm.

Our CSA is special – The mission of Flatbush Farm Share is to make fresh, organic, produce available to any Brooklyn resident, regardless of economic status.

We are committed to distributing food in a neighborhood where there is not an abundance fresh, organic produce; where many people choose fast food over cooking healthy meals; or where affordability is a major factor in what people eat.

We have 100 shares available for all income levels, and a generous subsidy program for low-income members. By joining our CSA, you are not only subscribing to a weekly basket of the most affordable, fresh, organic produce available, and supporting a family-owned farm; you are also supporting our community-focused mission.

Through our CSA, we will provide not only great food, but a level of food security and food-community to the Lefferts Garden / Prospect / Flatbush area of Brooklyn.

They have partnered with Hunger Action Network of NYSJust Food, and  NYC Coalition Against Hunger. Pickups will be on Wednesdays at the Flatbush Reformed Church, 890 Flatbush Avenue (at Church). More information available here.

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