Flatbush Community Garden Meeting!

(Click for link to full-size printable version of flyer)

5 thoughts on “Flatbush Community Garden Meeting!”

  • Hi I live down the block from the community garden and my 7yr old daughter and i would love to have a plot in the garden. IS there a waiting list,or could we help to clear land for the next plots?
    peggy rorke

  • Great Flyer and organization! If I can do anything to help your endeavors in the way of seed let me know. I will gladly match any purchase from your members with the equal amount of free seed for your community garden. We want to help community gardens grow!

  • Thanks for the generous offer, Sustainable Seed Company! We’ll definitely be in touch!! 🙂

  • Hi Peggy, sorry I somehow missed your comment from last September! The garden is in the process of getting started this year, and we will be posting more information very soon. Please stay tuned!

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