Look What I Found in the NY Times!

Sustainable Transportation tidbits from this weekend:

Gas prices knock bicycle sales, repairs into higher gear

Four-dollar-a-gallon gas is good for business — if you run a bike shop. Commuters around the country are dusting off their old two-wheelers — or buying new ones — to cope with rising fuel prices, bicycle dealers say.

Hey, if the Parisians can do it, why not New Yorkers? Look how much fun they’re having!

And, on a similar note:

Gas Prices Send Surge of Riders to Mass Transit

Michael Brewer, an accountant who had always driven the 36-mile trip to downtown Houston from the suburb of West Belford, said he had been thinking about switching to the bus for the last two years. The final straw came when he put $100 of gas into his Pontiac over four days a couple of weeks ago.

“Finally I was ready to trade my independence for the savings,” he said while waiting for a bus.

His *independence*… wow!! Personally, I love the independence of letting someone ELSE do the driving while I read, listen to podcasts, look out the window…

3 thoughts on “Look What I Found in the NY Times!”

  • *Independence* Give the guy some time to realize that incorporating a bike into his commute can be better, eventually the bike will become his main means of commuting. Houston is coming along in laying down a solid bike network. I commute often from West Belfort to Clay in houston on my bike, it’s hard but people are more sympathetic, it’s the truck drivers who are bastards.

  • And you notice,,, no spandex and no helmets! Couldn’t resist, Anne.

    On a more serious note, this won’t cause a major shift to biking in this country, unfortunately, as bikes are so impractical in most of it. Otoh, any little bit helps. Biking needs to become a normal activity that you (generic), your kids and your aunt do routinely.

    Did you note the school in NJ that won’t allow bike racks because the principal does not believe students should bike to school?!!

  • Chandru, thanks to you and the guy at Copenhagen Cycle Chic (one of my FAVorite blogs), I’m now much too embarrassed to wear spandex on a bike. Soon you’ll see me pedalling around in a skirt and heels… except I don’t really own any heels. (As for the helmet, I will GLADLY give it up when we have proper bike lanes as opposed to the current “playing in traffic” scenario.)

    I agree that any little bit more biking helps, Americans need to start perceiving this as a normal activity and sensible way of getting from one place to another (especially when we are talking about short distances with no hills). New York City is the logical place to set the example since the majority of us already don’t own cars (although one wonders whether the rest of the country perceives anything that happens here as “normal”).

    I did read about that NJ school. How crazy… when I was a girl (you know, Back In The Day), everyone walked the mile or so to school, now adults seem to think that kids need to be driven everywhere… But what I think that principal is trying to do is avoid a liability situation, a byproduct of another great American pastime, the Get-Rich-Quick Lawsuit.

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