Client 9

Okay, since I promised to keep politics out of the discussions here, I won’t write about how disappointed I am in Eliot Spitzer. Except to say that as a registered Democrat who voted for him, I feel completely betrayed. And, that I am beyond appalled to see someone who aggressively chased down prostitution rings as Attorney General turn out to be a customer.

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  • Anne,

    You did promise to keep politics out of blog discussions but you did place the disclaimer, “well, maybe a little politics” at the end of that promise. I can forgive you but I don’t know yet if I can forgive Eliot!

  • I completely agree with you, Anne. He is a the top of the list of political hypocrites. I hope he resigns. What a disgrace to his family and to New York. I’m disappointed and sorry I voted for him. I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked. I fell for his “Knight in Shining Armour come to save New York” routine.

  • i don’t see how he can stay in office. his credibility is destroyed, at least from this voter’s perspective.

    i just can’t imagine what goes on in the head of someone who is patronizing the same crew of criminals he once prosecuted (with self-righteous fervor!), let alone what goes on in the head of a man who feels the need to pay thousands of dollars for sex with a stranger.

  • 1. Will this felony be another case of how innocent you are and how much time you do (if any) be directly connected to how much money and connections you have?
    2. Lieutenant Governor David A. Paterson should be looked at and encouraged to make himself clear on what he will and won’t do different when he takes over Monday.

  • Perhaps one way of moving on past Spitzer is to make sure that the best aspects of his environmental policies (and people he’d hired) etc. are continued and improved–this is ‘political’ but it is also a crucial part of sustainable matters. He also had plans for making SUNY and CUNY schools better–let’s make sure this doesn’t fall apart now. (I thought at first I was given the “client 9” number for responding to the questionnaire about my thoughts on environmental issues! Ha!)

  • I am not a NY state resident (in CA), but I am political junkie. Must say I am tremendously disappointed with Spitzer, mostly about his hypocrisy. Hopefully Paterson can step in and take over right away. He sounds like a competent guy.

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