Weekend of Recycling in Brooklyn

Last weekend was a big one for Reuse and Recycling here in Brooklyn!

2008’s first Saturday Greenmarket in Grand Army Plaza began a series of textile recycling events called “Second Chance Saturdays” (acceptable donations include used clothing, shoes, boots, hats, jackets, towels, bedding, and linens). These collections will continue at the Greenmarket every Saturday until March 29th; details from Council on the Environment are here .

“We are thrilled to be expanding this very successful clothing collection program to Brooklyn” said David Hurd, OROE (Office of Recycling Outreach and Education) Director. “Some 193,000 tons of clothing and textiles that could be recycled end up in the landfill each year. By bringing these materials to the Greenmarket on your way to shop, New Yorkers help save these valuable commodities.”

Textile Recycling at Bkln Greenmarket
Greenmarket Textile Recycling photo by Gowanus Lounge

Saturday and Sunday were Mulchfest days at Prospect Park and many other locations, where Brooklynites brought their Christmas trees to get chipped into mulch for gardens. I was fortunate enough to ride by on my bike and savor the lovely evergreen scent while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, served up by our own Gardening Committee co-chair, Flatbush Gardener (aka Santa), who covers the event here. Apparently this is the first year the city has had two drop-off locations in Prospect Park (previously the only one has been at the Prospect Park West and Third Street entrance); the new Park Circle location, which is much more accessible for residents of Flatbush, Kensington, and other neighborhoods south of the park, collected 784 trees. This success speaks to the importance of providing convenient locations for recycling opportunities, particularly in New York City, where many people don’t own cars but are very creative at coming up with short-distance transport options.

Prospect Park Mulchfest 2008
Mulchfest photo by Flatbush Gardener

E-Waste Recycling by BikeBack in the neighborhood, Sustainable Flatbush held our own Post-Holiday Electronics Recycling Event . As with the Christmas tree drop-off, we feel that providing a convenient location is key to local participation. 50+ visitors and three cargo vans filled with “electrojunk” (a new term coined by 3R Committee chair Mark Levy, host of the event) seem to prove our point. We delivered our goods to Lower East Side Ecology Center’s massive year-end e-waste collection at Union Square. Look for a repeat of this event every few months, due to popular demand.

Printer Recycling photo by Flatbush Gardener

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