Science Barge – Powered By Nature!

Science Barge – Powered By Nature!, originally uploaded by Sustainable Flatbush.

Finally visited the Science Barge during GreenHome NYC’s Green Buildings Open House.

The Science Barge is a sustainable urban farm. It demonstrates renewable energy supporting sustainable food production in New York City. The Science Barge grows tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce with zero net carbon emissions, zero chemical pesticides, and zero runoff. Operating from May to October in 2007 and 2008, the Barge tours waterfront parks in Manhattan, hosting thousands of visitors and public school students.

For more photos of this event, check out the Sustainable Flatbush Flickr gallery.

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  • It’s nice to know that someone wants to make a difference to this world. Most of us talk about the change but very few of us can be the change. New York Sun Works is a non profit environmental organization that most people can look uto. Its involved in a lot of pioneering work with regards to environmental friendly innovations.

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