16 Cities “Green” Their Buildings, Courtesy of the Clinton Foundation

A story in today’s AMNY describes a Clinton Foundation program to finance energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings in 16 cities: New York, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Mumbai, Karachi, Seoul, Bangkok, Melbourne, São Paulo, Johannesburg and Rome.

“If all buildings were as efficient as they could be, we’d be saving an enormous amount of energy and significantly reducing carbon emissions. Also, we’d be saving a ton of money,” Clinton said.

The planned projects include replacing heating, cooling and lighting systems with energy-efficient networks; making roofs white or reflective to deflect more of the sun’s heat; sealing windows and installing new models that let more light in and keep the elements out; and setting up sensors to control more efficient use of lights and air conditioning.

… Warren Karlenzig, author of “How Green Is Your City?” applauded the plan and said many of these retrofits have been “crying out to happen.”

“The technology is there; it’s just that the financing has been missing,” he said.

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